Join the team that's rebuilding homeownership

Everyone should have the opportunity to own a home. Homeownership brings investment in your community, feelings of security and independence.

We’re rebuilding the homebuying process to make it simple, transparent and fair. If you can help us move the dial, we want to hear from you.

Meet our founders, Will and Sophia

In 2018, Will and Sophia were renters looking at getting on the ladder with friends.

After high-street lenders wouldn’t give the group a mortgage, they started looking into why there was so little innovation in the mortgage market.
Soon, their deposit had been invested into starting a company with a mission to finally make homebuying simple, transparent, and fair.

Today, Gen H is a growing team of 70+ employees committed to transforming the UK housing market for the better.



Customer obsession

Customer success is the responsibility of every team, whatever the role. Everything we do is focused on the customer.


We drive our team to be impatient, to challenge timelines, and to compress time cycles.


We expect our employees to speak respectfully but frankly with one another at all times.


We aim to embrace challenges and own the outcomes.


We listen to understand, not to respond. By respecting colleagues and our customers, we can align our individual success with the company’s success.


We don’t allow the past and present to constrain our vision for the future. We aim to fail fast and to learn quickly.


🏥 Private medical

We provide you with a comprehensive medical insurance plan to protect and support your health and wellbeing.

🐶 Dog-friendly office

We love having furry friends at our office. We've even got a running track on our roof if you fancy taking your dogs for a walk with a view!

🪴 Employee mortgages

We’re thrilled to be able to provide the option of Gen H mortgages to our team. Enjoy perks like cashback on valuation and legal fees, and a discounted product range. Normal eligibility rules apply.

🏘 Hybrid working

We’re an office-led, hybrid-friendly company and we build this into our working culture. Guidelines around time in our Old street office are role and manager-dependent.

🚴 Cycle to work: Green Commute Initiative

We pay for your bicycle/e-bike upfront and in return, you enter a salary sacrifice agreement where you slowly pay off your bike each month, saving money on tax!

👫 Care concierge

It can be stressful to balance later-life caring responsibilities with work, often in addition to other commitments. As an organisation that is dedicated to looking after our people, we are happy to be able to share Legal & General’s Care Concierge Service with all Gen H employees.

The story so far...

Inital idea

After trying and failing to buy a home with friends, Will & Sophia started dreaming up solutions to fix the UK housing market.

Seed funding

£6 million raised in seed funding.

FCA Approval

We’re able to start putting customers in their homes!

First customers move in

A huge milestone for Gen H and a family in North London.

Series A funding

£24 million in Series A funding led by Mithril Capital and £300 million in debt funding to put many more customers in homes.

Welcome brokers

We launched to the broker market - expanding our audience dramatically.

£1 billion in debt funding

Even more money to put people into homes!

Series B

Series B funding led by Legal & General - a huge player in the UK housing market.

£600m more in debt funding

This time the funding was even cheaper, meaning we’re able to compete with even the largest high-street lenders on price for the first time.


Life at Gen H

Diverse and inclusive team

We’re building a diverse and inclusive team of people who are committed to creating positive outcomes for our customers.

Customer-focused culture

We’re a mission-driven company
built by a team of passionate, smart,
and talented people.

Series B

We’ve got strong institutional backing from leading VC firms and investors.
Read more about our Series A and Series B rounds.


Our Employee's are the beating heart of our organisation, to be at your best you need to be happy and healthy. Read our wellness strategy

Frequently asked questions

What is the interview process like at Gen H?

Our people team aims to create a structured interview process that excels at identifying the best person for the role whilst reducing bias. The interview format also depends on the role and responsibilities, but we do use the following general guidelines:

  1. Intro Call - This is the screening call conducted by the recruiter/hiring manager and covers general motivations for wanting to join Gen H, previous experiences, and a chance to ask questions about the role.
  2. Skills & Experience - This stage is designed to assess whether you have the skills and experience to take on the role and succeed.
  3. Values - This panel interview is designed to see how you collaborate and work with colleagues and whether there is a value match. This stage always concludes with an interview with one or both of our Founders, Will and/or Sophia.

Each stage includes time reserved for you to ask us questions. If all goes well, we will book a call with you and your line manager to make you an offer. Best of luck!

Who can I refer?

Seeking talented and ambitious people to come on board!

How do we decide who to hire?
Any decision on whether to extend an offer to a candidate or not boils down to 3 sets of criteria:

  1. Skills Match → Ability to do the work
  2. Motivation Match → Passion about the work
  3. Values Fit → Are they someone who shares our values
What’s the difference between a product and software engineer?

Put simply, Product Engineers aim to build products as effectively as possible by combining knowledge of both engineering and product domains - both the how, and the why. This allows them to prioritise and build the features or products that will have the greatest impact on customer experience.

Product engineers are involved in discovery as much as execution. They are not implementers in one part of product development; they are builders - and finding out what to build based on an understanding of customer needs is as important a skill as how to build it.

How is product and engineering structured at Gen H?

Our product and engineering teams work closely with the Design and Operations functions to build our platform and provide the best customer experience possible. Currently, there are four product teams at Gen H. Each consists of a dedicated Product Manager, an Engineering Manager or Tech Lead, a Product Designer, and four to five Engineers.