Afford more, start owning sooner

Boost your buying power and get on the ladder sooner with a deposit booster.

is a deposit booster?

Someone you know – a friend or family member.

deposit boost?

Two-thirds of first-time buyers get help with their deposit. With high-street lenders, the only way is a gift.

But gifters have to promise they don’t expect to be paid back. And asking for unconditional money is awkward.

With a deposit boost, you’ve got options.
Boosters can often help more, since they’ll get some of it back later. And parents could support more than one child with the same pot of money.

can be a deposit booster?

Someone you know who wants to contribute to your deposit in different ways.

many deposit boosters can  I have?

It’s up to you – there’s no maximum.

Deposit loan

An interest-free loan, from them to you. Pay them back later simply and securely.

Equity loan

An investment in your property that goes up or down with your home’s value. They can cash out when it suits you both (subject to criteria).


Your booster can always gift, too. Or turn a loan into a gift later. And with a Gen H home agreement, your booster can choose who on the mortgage gets to keep it.

How it works

Apply for your Gen H mortgage.
Decide with your booster how they’d like to spread their support. You can mix and match across deposit loan, equity loan, and gift.
We’ll set you up with a deposit booster agreement, which makes everything official and keeps everyone protected.
Manage deposit loan repayments securely in your dashboard. Equity loan boosters can see what their stake in the property is worth.

Answers for the group

How does a deposit or equity loan get repaid?

You and your booster can decide that together. You could make regular payments to them, or wait until you remortgage or sell your property.

Do deposit boosters have to be UK residents?

No! Deposit boosters don’t have to be UK residents, as long as their funds come from a UK bank account.

What’s a deposit booster agreement?

It’s a legal agreement between you and your booster. It lays out what they’re contributing, and when, how, and how much you’ll repay them.