Track your share

Own your home jointly, with individual equity. Dynamically track who owns what.

Keep it safe

An investment in your property that goes up or down with your home’s value. They can cash out when it suits you both (subject to criteria).

Keep it fair

Your home agreement keeps it safe and fair. Know what’s yours and what’s theirs.

How it works

Apply for your Gen H mortgage. You and up to 5 others can buy together.
We’ll ask how you’d like to own together. Choose dynamic ownership to build up individual equity.
We’ll set up your home agreement – a legal document that tracks each person’s contributions and share of the home.
Have an income booster? With your home agreement, they can make payments to build up a stake in the home, too.

Answers for the group

I’ve never heard of dynamic ownership before…

It’s a smarter, more flexible version of an ownership setup that already exists, called Tenants in common.

If we choose dynamic ownership, will we still own the home jointly?

Yes, you’ll still be joint owners with dynamic ownership.

What’s the home agreement?

It’s a legal document that everyone who’s buying the home signs and agrees to. It makes your dynamic ownership setup official.

Can we choose dynamic ownership with any other lenders?

No, dynamic ownership is unique to Generation Home.

What if we decided to remortgage to a different lender?

You can still have separate equity with a tenants in common setup, but it won’t be dynamic. Each person sets their split of the homeownership, and it stays the same no matter what you each contribute.