Getting a mortgage with Gen H

Ready to take your first steps onto the property ladder or plan your next move? Here’s how Gen H could support you on your journey.

Important: You’ll need to work with a mortgage broker to get a Gen H mortgage. You can select your own, or we can connect you with a broker on our panel.

Afford more, start owning sooner with an income booster

You might know this type of mortgage as a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage.

You can add a close relative to your mortgage to boost your buying budget. They’re liable for the mortgage too, but only have to make payments if you can’t.

Having their income on the mortgage could help you buy your first home sooner, buy in a nicer area, or help you afford your current mortgage after a life change.

Smarter deposit support with a deposit booster

Deposit boosters can contribute money toward your house deposit as an equity or an interest-free loan, which means their money is protected and will come back to them down the line.

Deposit boosters can also gift equity to just one person on the mortgage.

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The boutique conveyancing service you didn’t know you needed.

Conveyancing is the legal work required to buy, sell or remortgage a home – but it’s often the most painful part of the process.

Gen H Legal, our independent conveyancer, sets a new standard with 5-star service that often helps buyers complete on their property purchase sooner.

Your path to homeownership

The journey to homeownership has been opaque for way too long. Here’s what you could expect if you choose a Gen H mortgage.

Explore your options and understand your property budget
If you’re ready to apply for a mortgage, a broker will help secure your mortgage-in-principle
Make an offer on a home
Once your offer is accepted, you’ll work with your broker who will provide mortgage advice, help organise your documents and submit your full mortgage application
Your mortgage lender will consider your application
If approved, you’ll get a mortgage offer 🎉
Your legal work kicks off – Gen H Legal, our independent conveyancing firm, could help here
Exchange and completion, which means you get your keys 🔑
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“A new way to tackle the crisis.”
“Revolutionising the way houses are bought and sold.”

Meet Gen H

Will Rice and Sophia Guy-White founded Gen H in 2019 in the middle of their own homebuying journey. The pair wanted to purchase a home with friends, but no high street lender would give them a mortgage.

Realising that the mortgage market wasn’t set up to support modern buyers, they created Gen H, a tech-driven, mission-led mortgage lender designed to make homeownership accessible for more people.