Afford more, start owning sooner

Add an income booster to your mortgage to afford more

A booster goes on your mortgage to help you afford more.

Their income, including retirement income, is used to boost how much you can borrow. They don’t own the home or go on the property deeds, so there’s no impact on your stamp duty. Friends can be boosters on mortgage up to 80% LTV.

There’s something in it for them.

Your booster can choose to contribute to the monthly payments and build equity in your property if they like, or just stay on standby.

When you can afford it down the line, you can remove them.

When you remortgage in the future, your income booster can come off the mortgage if you can afford it on your own. Simple as that.

See your budget with a booster

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Benefits for you and your booster

£65k bigger budget on average compared to on your own
First-time buyers afford more and get on the ladder sooner
Movers afford more space and upsize sooner
Remortgagers stay in the home they love if they need a hand
No effect on stamp duty
Your booster
A family member or friend who goes on your mortgage
The booster's property isn't used as collateral
Boosters can contribute to monthly payments and build equity
Boosters can come off the mortgage when you can afford it on your own

Income booster mortgages that are smarter than the rest

More options and better flexibility

You have the power to get more boosters on board, give boosters more of an incentive to help, and track equity splits in real time – or none of the above. It’s all up to you.

Typical JBSP* and income booster
Afford more
No impact on your stamp duty
Remove boosters when you can afford it
Support can come from non-family
Friends can be boosters up to 80% LTV
Term doesn’t have to be limited by booster’s age
Unique support for older boosters
Real-time tracking on who owns what
Boosters can choose to build up equity
*Stands for joint borrower sole proprietor

The important stuff

We want to be as transparent as possible so you have everything you need to know about your income booster mortgage.

Family and friends can be income boosters

That means parents (including step-parents), children (including step-children), grandparents, siblings (including half-siblings and step-siblings), aunts and uncles (siblings of parents only), nieces and nephews can all be income boosters.

Income boosters are liable for the mortgage

If you aren’t able to make your monthly payments, your income booster is responsible for stepping in to help.

Boosters need independent legal advice

This helps them understand their rights and responsibilities. We’ll tell you all about it and where you can go. It usually costs a few hundred pounds, depending on the solicitor you use.

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Income booster FAQs

Can my booster be removed from the mortgage?

You can remove your booster with a remortgage as long as you pass our affordability checks. This tells us you can afford the mortgage on your own.

Does my income booster have to make mortgage payments?

Nope! They can contribute or stay on standby, it’s up to you to decide. But they are liable for the mortgage, like everyone else on the mortgage. So if an owner can’t make their monthly payment, your income booster would have to step up.

Can my income booster be retired?

Yes, as long as they meet our age and income requirements. Read those here.

Will my income booster have to use their own home as collateral?

Nope! An income booster is not a guarantor, so while they’re liable for the mortgage if the owners can’t make their payments, we couldn’t ask them to sell their own home.